Friday, February 10, 2012

Meal ministry

It's been a while since I've shared where God is working in me, so I'm going to take this time to do that :)  J took the boys to his parents' house for a little while and I get a much needed and long overdue break.  With J starting classes and our schedules filled with birthday parties and ministering to others, it's been a long, long time since I've been able to just relax.  Not trying to complain, I feel like God has been working in those areas and it's fun to sit back and see where He's decided to use me.  Before I get into how He's been encouraging me in my attitude, I want to talk about how He's used to me to minister to others.  Remember that Bible study I did last year about letting God use you where you're at?  It was based on the book, You Matter More than you Think.  I felt like God was calling me to do more, but that He has placed me where I am (being a stay at home mom) for a reason and THIS is my ministry, raising my children to be God-honoring and wise men, responsible and selfless.  Still, I felt like I should be doing more, and started praying that I would clearly see the opportunities He has given me.  My sister's a nanny.  The father of the boys she watches recently took a civi job in Afghanistan, leaving behind a wife who doesn't cook and two small boys.  My sister moved in during the work week and takes care of their meals, but the wife still had a LOT on her plate and I wanted to encourage her and let her know I was there if she needed anything.  The best way I could think of was to bring over a meal.  Turns out, the thing she was most stressed out over was cooking dinners for her children (Stacy didn't "move in" till a week later).  I saw this sweet mother the next morning at church and she gave me the biggest hug and was so grateful.  It blessed me to know how much God had used that one little meal to bring her a little bit of peace while she tried to figure out how to be both mom and dad, all while missing her second half.   I did the same thing for a pregnant neighbor who was having some contractions at 22 weeks.  Thankfully she and baby are ok (we are thinking they were simply braxton hicks), but having dinner prepared for her allowed her to stay off her feet and relax.  Not to mention stress over figuring out what to feed her family.  She said that she has been able to use the leftovers for lunches too.  It's amazing how God has used these two little meals to bring peace to two friends who were having rough days.

Ok, I've changed my mind about sharing how God has been working on my attitude.  I want to go relax a little :)  I'll share soon.  Happy Weekend!!!

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