Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Princess!!!

Our princess was born last week, almost two weeks ago now.  I wrote out her birth story for my facebook friends but decided I wanted it written on my blog, too.  But I think I'll just copy and paste it since my time on the computer is really limited these days.  These three miracles are keeping me BUSY and it's wonderful!  (Baby girl is C)

Princess’s birth story: I decided to go ahead and write this out.  Warning, it is about birth, so don’t read if it grosses you out J  I’ll try to make it short.  Contractions started at 1:30am.  They were not bad but I couldn’t sleep through them so I got up and cleaned the bathroom (looking back, it’s kind of funny since that’s where she was born!).  Around 2:30am, I woke J up and told him I thought I was in labor.  He got up with me and we tried timing them, but still, not consistent at all.  Doctors generally have you come in when contractions are 5 minutes apart, last a minute, and go on like that for an hour.   Some of mine were 2 minutes apart, some were 10.  Some lasted 30 seconds, some got close to a minute.  They stayed that way all morning long.  Around 6:30am, I was beyond frustrated that labor wasn’t progressing at all.  I was tired and wanted it to all be over, but it seemed like I had a looong way to go since the contractions still were not consistent.  I talked to my mom, complained a lot about how frustrated I was, and told her we would drop the boys off at her house once L woke up but that I didn’t think it was any rush.  We got off the phone, I laid down in bed and had the worst contraction of my life (I’ve had both boys without pain meds, but this was by far the worst).  It was awful.  My water broke and the contraction went on forever.  Once it finally stopped, J called my mom and told her she needed to get to our house quickly.  Before he was off the phone, I was screaming to call 911 (by this point, I had moved to the bathroom).  He asked me if I was sure, thought I might be overreacting, but did it anyway.  As he came up the stairs, I heard him telling the operator that I was in labor and felt like the baby was coming, but he wanted to make sure.  As he came into the bathroom, he could already see her head.  The 911 operator told him he needed to get me off the toilet and lying down.  I told him I couldn’t move.   She told him again he had to get me off and lying down.  I refused.  After some back and forth, he put her on speaker phone and the phone on the counter, then picked me up and stood me on the ground  (feel free to laugh.  Looking back, I see how ridiculous this was, but at the time, I couldn’t do it!).  I still couldn’t move and yelled at the poor lady on the phone when she tried insisting I lay down.  There wasn’t time for that and I honestly could.not.move. from all the pain.  C’s head was already out.  She told J to make sure her cord wasn’t wrapped around her neck and to expect the rest of her body to come out in the next couple of contractions, but before she finished her sentence, C was out.  I was finally able to lay down and follow her directions J J wrapped C in a towel, I laid down on the floor, and waited for the firemen, who took care of everything else.  They took me to the hospital, where both C and I looked perfectly healthy.  She weighed in at 7lbs even (half a pound smaller than her preemie brother!), 19 inches, and they are guessing she was born at 6:57, although I’m not sure how they figured that out?  She’s a peanut and absolutely perfect!  A lot of people have asked where the boys were during all of this.  Well, thankfully L was still asleep (he woke up as the firemen rushed into my room).  T was playing ipad on my bed when water broke and told J, “Yep, I think you’re right Dad.  The baby is coming today.”  He is too funny!  J tried to keep him out of the room as best he could during the rest of it, but he kept coming back to see what was going on.  My mom got some pretty interesting questions when she was watching him, but he thought the whole thing was pretty funny.  He’s always been curious about how bodies work (not just how babies come out, but about the whole body).  Maybe he will be a doctor some day J

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