Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clean Thursday: House is looking...decent :)

Today J came home from work and said, "The house looks really clean!" Yay!!! I consider that a big compliment from him. My sweet, wonderful hubby is a bit of a neat freak. At least with certain rooms of the house (dirty bathroom doesn't phase him at all...but if the living room is a little cluttered, it's the end of the world). I said yesterday that I've had a hard time with most of my goals listed in my very first blog post, but one area that I've really worked hard at is keeping the living room clutter to a minimum, at least around the time J gets home from work. Sweet T probably thinks I'm crazy because about 5 minutes before I expect J to walk through the door, I start running around picking up as much stuff as I can. "Come on, T! We need to clean up before Daddy gets home! Daddy likes coming home to a clean house. Hurry. Let's put everything away!" Yesterday I went a step farther and vaccuumed. OOoo, nice! And today? I made sure the kitchen was picked up too! Sure, there were some dishes in the sink, but I swept the floors, wiped the table and counters, made sure I pushed the chairs in (which makes a surprisingly BIG difference!). I also did a load of diapers AND a load of laundry :) I call that a successful day. I know I have a long way to go before this house is "company ready" but it's slowly getting there. Yay!

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