Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday Madness on a Tuesday. Again.

I would rather write about the fun things going on in our home than a tasty recipe, so I'm going to skip Tuesday's post this week.

J- Praise the Lord, he has a job!  It's not necessarily something he's excited about, but it's a job none the less :)  He was also offered a part time job working for someone from our church.  This guy is a fellow deacon and my hubby is so excited to have this opportunity.  Apparently, he is really smart and funny.  J thinks he will learn a lot from him, too.  At first, I wasn't thrilled with J taking a part time job on top of everything else, but he really wants to do it and the extra money will be nice.  He also promised to save Sunday for family days.
T- Another praise is that T is having good days now!  This is a HUGE praise because I honestly wasn't sure how much longer we would last with those constant battles.  He's still a typical two year old and we have lots of power struggles, but having good days makes the bad days tolerable.  Some day, when he's an adult and doing amazing things for God, I'll look back at these times and be thankful that God gave my son such a strong personalty.  He has also finished his swimming lessons.  I'm happy to have life back to normal, but I'm sad to be done with swimming.  T is so brave and had a blast!  He can sit at the bottom of the pool and hold his breath for a decent amount of time.  He can scoop his hands like he's swimming and kick his legs.  He isn't a big fan of floating, but he does it with assistance.  He was promoted to the highest pre school class :)  Too bad all sessions are over.  He'll have to wait until next year to take the last class.
L- My baby is growing up!  I can't believe he's going to be a year old this month!!!  His little personality is shining through more and more.  He has the best laugh in the world!  It's so funny.  He also gets into EVERYTHING!  His favorite place to play right now is in the toilet.  YUCK!!!!!  He is also trying to walk.  I'm not sure if he will be walking completely by his first birthday, but he can take a few steps at a time.  He has also started giving us the biggest hugs and the sloppiest kisses.  Is there anything better?  I doubt it.  No words yet, at least I don't think he's saying anything.  Sometimes I think he says something but I'm just not sure.  I thought he tried saying T's name today.  It was sweet!  But like I said, I'm not sure if he actually said it or not.  I also think he's trying to say "that."  He points at things and says, "da, da, da"  I'm wondering if he's asking "what's that?" when he does that.  I always tell him the name of whatever he's pointing at, so hopefully soon he'll figure out how to say real words.  I'm really hoping he says Momma first!!!
Now that I've said all the wonderful things about my sweet little L, I need to ask you to pray for him again.  It appears he has clogged tear ducts again.  I hate this.  Honestly, truly hate this.  We will be taking him next week to find out for sure what's going on and to come up with a plan.  If he does have tear duct issues, we will most likely have to take him to have surgery at the hospital, completely with putting him under.  There's a chance he will have the probing done again, but I guess it's rare that the doctor does that twice.  I heard an encouraging story after posting this on FB.  One friend said her daughter had a lot of problems like what L is going through.  After much prayer, her daughter's eyes cleared up on their own!  I'm praying for the same thing for L.  I know God can do anything!  I'm trusting He will do what brings Him the most glory...which is hopefully this miracle :) 
As for me, I have really been trying to be kind and loving to all of my boys.  My goal is, after all, to be a better wife, mother, and woman of God.  He has been working in me a lot these past few weeks.  I'm doing better cleaning, cooking, and using self control.  I still have a loooong way to go, but I'm thankful to see progress.  I am also officially 27.  Yay for birthdays!  I never really thought of 27 as a special year (I'm sure someone of you are completely shocked to read this...mom and sister...), but my friends, family, and especially my wonderful husband turned an ordinary birthday into an amazing weekend!  Coffee with the girls, lots of beautiful frames to decorate my home, a 'surprise" party, and a KEURIG made this birthday extra special :)  Can't wait till my sister gets home so we can celebrate some more!  Oh yeah, you read that right... the 27th birthday celebrations are not over yet.  Maybe 27 is a big birthday after all.  Ha ha!

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  1. Happy Birthday Linda!
    I am praying for L and his eyes.
    oh and yay for J's job!!! That is so great :)