Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Knee Dr!

I finally saw the doctor today about my knee.  This guy was recommended to us by my favorite running inspiration, my nutritionist friend :)  They know her by name and two different people told us she has "frequent flier miles"  Lol!  Anyway, back to my knee.  It looks like I sprained it during my 4 mile barefoot run on the beach.  Since I'm feeling a lot better, he said I can try to run a 1/4 mile and then come home and ice it.  If I don't have any pain, two days later I can try 1/2 a mile.  Two days after that, 3/4.  If I make it up to a mile, I'm good to go.  If I have any pain, I need to call him back and set up an MRI, but he seemed pretty confident that I wouldn't need that.  Hooray!!!  I cannot wait to get out there and start running again.  I'm planning to build up slower now.  I was adding a mile a week, but now I'll just add half a mile a week.  I realize that it will take twice as long to get my dog, but hopefully I wont have any more injuries!  Hubby got his knee looked at too.  He's going back tomorrow to start PT for his IT problems.  Maybe we can be one of those crazy couples who runs together after all ;)

I have friends coming on Friday.  I can't wait to see them!  But I really need to get this house in order!  I also need to figure out something for dinner.  J has to work late since he went in late due to our appointments, so it's just me and the boys.  I don't like cooking when I'm on my own.  I'm hoping to post pictures of my newly painted guest room and kitchen soon.  Stay tuned for those (next week?)

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