Monday, March 28, 2011

Time to get things back in order!

Wow it's been a while since I've actually blogged. I seemed to lose all motivation for almost all of my goals from the NY. After a discussion with my hubby, I realized that I really have been slacking. I feel like I'm entitled to get a break. The kids have kept me so busy lately and when (or rather, IF) they sleep at the same time, I just want a little break! I NEED a little break! But then J comes home from work, already stressed out from the changes being made there, to a frazzled wife, a messy house, and more work for him to do to keep us above water. As I said last time I blogged, T has been... challenging. L is moving more and more and becoming harder to keep out of trouble too. T is also showing some jealousy. Don't get me wrong, he still adores his brother, but he doesn't always want L to be near him. He definitely doesn't want L touching his toys! It's been... well, challenging is the only word I can think of to describe our current state :) Life is slooooowly starting to settle down into our routine, though. FINALLY! My Sweet T is making more and more appereances and this "other" T is leaving. He is still showing jealousy, but I think we can help him out now that we realize that's the problem. I asked him out on a date today. I'm not sure what we'll do, especially with J on call again. Maybe ice cream? Whatever we do, I want it to be special and super fun. I'd rather go somewhere that we can run and play together, but it just wont work out with J being on call and the weather. Little L is not so little anymore. He moved to his own room two nights ago. Yeah, he's 7 months and just now moving out of our room, lol. But I liked having him there. Even at 7 months, it was hard on me. He is doing fine, even seems to enjoy his new crib (he's been napping in there, so it's not completely new to him). He cut one of his front, bottom teeth. That makes me sad too. Why do babies have to grow up SO fast??? I like having a tiny guy! He's sitting up more now too. He's into everything! It's fun, but definitely makes my job harder. He's a cutie though. Both boys are. Even though T challenges me on just about everything, I still think he's amazing and wonderful :)
The house has gone to the pigs (not sure if that's the correct phrase or not, but it seems to fit, ha!). Where did all of this stuff come from? Where did my motivation to clean it go? I feel completely overwhelmed and disorganized, but I just don't know HOW to organize it. I wish I could just hire someone to come do it for me. I know that's out of the question, but I need to figure out something, some way to get a handle on things. I'd really like to just get rid of stuff, but everything has value to me. Even "junk" has sentimental value. You may very well see me on Hoarders some day. Ok, I'm kidding, it's far from that bad. But I am sure if I don't get a handle on things, it could come close. It's so frustrating.
Cooking has been going well, most days. We have been going out to eat more than we did back in January, but we eat at home waaay more than last year. I actually enjoy cooking now, at least most days I do. I'm still not very good at it, but I am proud of the progress I've made. We are finding a decent amount of meals that we like and for the first time ever, we have no repeat meals for the month! Yes, I do plan out our meals for the whole month. I have to admit though, that we go out with my parents once a week, my sister cooks for us once a week, and we have a leftover day once a week. We also have a "grill night" now that it's getting warmer, a "crock pot night" and a "new recipe night" which is somethings the crock pot or the grill meal. I have found that doing things this way helps me a lot!
Kids are awake, hubby is home, and we're all getting hungry, so this is as much of an update as you get. I'm really trying to get back into the swing of things and keeping this blog helps me to be accountable, so if you don't see an entry for a while, get on my case :) Tell me to get my act together.

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