Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Goals!

Quick update: Baby looks good and I am no longer considered high risk!  Praise the Lord!  Thanks for all of the prayers through that rough journey.  I'm so happy to be on this side of it and not at risk for anything terrible happening.

We've set a few goals for this year, and I thought it would be a good idea to write them down somewhere.  I picked here.  If they are online, maybe I'll feel the need to stick to them.  Last year's goals kind of went out the window when we found out baby #3 was coming.  I had things on there like run the army 10 miler, pay off our car, things like that.  I have never run 10 miles before and didn't feel like it would be a good idea to train while pregnant, and instead of paying off our car, we traded it in for a minivan.  I'm ok with it :)  I'd rather have this little girl than meet all of our goals last year.  This year, though, it would be nice if I can get some of our goals met.  So, with all that said, here they are:

1. Have a healthy, full term baby!  This one is obviously up to God and out of my control, but I'm putting it on here anyway :)
2. Run a race.  At this point, I just want to run one.  I don't need to do the 10 miler this year, although I'd really like to try to get to that point.  If I can do a 5k, I will be happy.
3. MAJOR declutter.  We have way too much stuff.  I want to get rid of a lot of it and learn to live more simply.  There is just no reason why I need to keep every little thing.  I'm happy to add to this one that J and I have made some great progress already this year!  We spent New Year's Day going through stuff and getting a lot of things together to give away.  I have two friends coming over today to look through it and see if there is anything they want for their babies/families.  Whatever is left is going to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  I would prefer to try to sell it in a yard sale, but at this point, I'm just anxious to get it out of my house.
4. Contribute a certain amount to my kids' college funds.  My dad has been faithful about giving us money for them, but we haven't been able to add as much as he has.  This year, our goal is to match what he gives.
5. We also want to tithe more.  This is something we used to be really good at, but the past year or two, haven't given as much as we would like.
6. Our last goal for this year is to take a family vacation just the 5 of us (5...EEK!  We're going to be a family of 5)!  Right now, we are thinking either Great Wolfe Lodge, Busch Gardens, or possible make a trip up to PA for Hershey, Sesame Place, or the train station where Thomas and Friends come for a visit (Strasbourg?).

So there you have it.  Our goals for this wonderful year.  I don't think I set them too high, so I'm optimistic about it all.  I'll try to update throughout the year with how we're doing on them.  For smaller, more personal goals, I have the same as always.  The big one right now is simply to eat at home more.  I'd like to eat out with my parents once a week (Sunday), out for lunch once a week, and then out as a family for dinner once a week (usually Friday or Saturday, since those are the days J is home).  I know that's still eating out more than we should, but it's a lot less than we were eating out before.  Working on a weekly meal plan has helped me out with this a lot and I plan to continue doing it.  Once I get into the hang of eating at home more, I'll move on to another small goal (cutting back on our grocery budget by learning to use coupons, shop sales, and maybe even try making more from scratch).

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