Friday, January 11, 2013

To Do List

* Get bunk beds for the boys, move T to L's room (bunk beds are taking a MONTH longer to come in...They were supposed to be here a week ago, now I might have the baby before they come.  STRESSED!)
* Paint Baby's room, decorate, get everything put away and ready (diapers, clothes, anything else that goes into her room)
* Install car seat.  Actually, I need to get a car seat still.  A friend offered to let us borrow hers since we only use them for about 4 months, but her daughter is still in it.  Yikes!  She planned to have her out of there a few months ago since she turned one in November.  Lol.  If we don't get it by the end of the month, I'll just go buy one.
* Set up pack n play, which is where the princess will sleep for the first few months.
* Wash all baby gear.  Car seat cover, swing cover, bouncer seat cover, sheets, blankets, and the list just keeps on going....
* Sanitize the one bottle we have just in case we decide to let her try a bottle, and the paci's.
* Strip all diapers, especially since I bought some used newborn fluff.
* Pack hospital bag.  I'll post my list later with the things I'm packing.  My goal is to bring as little as possible.
* Pack a bag for the boys for Grammy and Papa's house.
* Baby shower next week
* Start working on Freezer meals

Ok, I *think* that's it.  I hope that's it.  I already know it's not going to get done.  Her room will be far from ready.  But the good news is that she will never know :)

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