Saturday, January 26, 2013

Updated To Do List!

I've made a lot of progress on my pre-baby to do list, so I thought I'd update on here and get a good idea of what I have left.

* Get bunk beds for the boys, move T to L's room (bunk beds are taking a MONTH longer to come in...They were supposed to be here a week ago, now I might have the baby before they come. STRESSED!)  Still need to get this.  Just waiting on the beds.
* Paint Baby's room, decorate, get everything put away and ready (diapers, clothes, anything else that goes into her room)  Again, still waiting on the bunk beds so we can get started.  However, I have put all of her clothes in her dresser (which is currently in L's room, and L's clothes are in the dresser in T's room, C's future room.  Ha!  That makes a lot of sense, right?  But it's working.  For now.)
* WASH BABY CLOTHES!!!  DONE!  And they are put away!
* Install car seat. Actually, I need to get a car seat still. A friend offered to let us borrow hers since we only use them for about 4 months, but her daughter is still in it. Yikes! She planned to have her out of there a few months ago since she turned one in November. Lol. If we don't get it by the end of the month, I'll just go buy one.  Not done.  Another friend has offered us her car seat which is less than a year old and never been in an accident.  She said she will bring it to church tomorrow and we will get it installed next week.  Hopefully.
* Set up pack n play, which is where the princess will sleep for the first few months.  Half way done.  We realized that we somehow lost a part, so I had to order it.  It's one of the metal bars that supports the mattress.  Once that arrives, it will be VERY EASY to finish setting up.  Just put the bar in, and lay the mattress on top.  Everything else is set and ready.
* Wash all baby gear. Car seat cover, swing cover, bouncer seat cover, sheets, blankets, and the list just keeps on going....  DONE!
* Sanitize the one bottle we have just in case we decide to let her try a bottle, and the paci's. Done, mostly.  I decided not to sanitize the bottle until we know if we need it or not.  It would seem silly to sanitize it and then not use it.  I guess I could have waited on the paci's too, but I'm really hoping she takes those!
* Strip all diapers, especially since I bought some used newborn fluff.  DONE!!!  Whoop Whoop!
* Pack hospital bag. I'll post my list later with the things I'm packing. My goal is to bring as little as possible.  DONE!  I even have a little list of last minute things for J to add when the time comes.
* Pack a bag for the boys for Grammy and Papa's house.  I actually decided they don't need a bag packed for Grammy and Papa's house.  I brought extra clothes for both over already, diapers for L, they already have tooth brushes and paste for the boys, and anything else they might need.
* Baby shower next week  DONE!  It was fun.  I'll try to steal pictures from my mom and post them :)
* Start working on Freezer meals  Haven't even started.

I'm feeling really good about where we stand right now.  If she were born today, we would be prepared.  Sure, we don't have the car seat yet, but that's the last major thing we really need.  And it's not like a baby born at 34 weeks comes home two days after birth, anyway.  We would have time to get a car seat, either from one of our friends who have offered, or go buy one and get it all installed and checked before she would be ready to come home.  Same with the pack n play bar.  It will be here withing a week.  She could sleep in her swing, or even in our bed (I'm not against bed sharing when needed.  L slept in our bed for the first month or so because the ONLY place he would sleep was on top of me).

Ok, I was going to write more but the kids decided they want attention :) 

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