Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thoroughly Clean Thursday: Back on track... for today!

I'm back on track with my clean house! Well, at least the main floor and at least for today :) Right now, I'm happy with that. It's a start. With Little L moving around more and more, it seems to be the perfect opportunity to teach Sweet T to start picking up after himself too. He doesn't like Little L playing with his toys, well, not his favorite toys anyway. I am constantly telling T that if he doesn't want L playing with something, he needs to put it away. We have to clean up after ourselves. He hasn't quite figured it out yet, but he's a bright kid and it wont take him long. I, on the other hand, and still trying to teach myself the same lesson: we clean up after ourselves. I feel very strongly that I need to do the things I expect him to do. I've learned to eat veggies (even though I think they're nasty) because I want him to eat his veggies. I do not want him to think I'm a hypocrite. I need to lead by example in every part of my life. My mom came over today and was pleasantly surprised with my picked up living room. What a nice surprise considering what she normally sees :) And then I got a text from J when he came home commenting on how nice everything looked. I like getting comments like that! I really do! Now why can't I keep my house like this all the time? Hmmm... I'm guessing it has something to do with the two little tornadoes named T and L ;)

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