Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wed walk with God: More trust.

As I mentioned last week, God is trying to teach me to just trust in Him. I really need to just place all of my concerns in His arms. I have to admit, though, that I'm struggling. J's last day on this contract is very quickly approaching and I'm in a panic about it. Today is Thursday, yesterday he had an interview and I didn't want to post about trusting in God while I was so concerned about the outcome of this interview. While the interview went well, he found out today that he didn't get the job. Hello stress, you're back so soon? Again I find myself trying to trust God with everything. J had another interview today, but this job is even farther away (he commutes over an hour... traffic is terrible :() I already feel like I never see him and it's going to be even worse if he gets this one. But he NEEDS a job! This is no time to be picky. Ugh, I just wish I knew where God was leading us. On the bright side, if nothing else comes up, the company taking over his contract has offered him a position. We are not thrilled with how the new company is handling things and overall have a bad feeling about it, but at this point, a job is a job! Please keep praying for my hubby as he searches for God's path. Pray that it's clear to him what God wants and that we listen and follow Him. Pray for me too as I struggle with trusting God's perfect plan for me and my family :)

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