Thursday, May 5, 2011

Craiglist, running, and crock pot disaster!

I know this is kind of different from my usualy daily theme, but I figured at this point, any post is better than no post :) I've had a pretty exciting day and wanted to blog about it so here I am!

Craigslist: I have recently started looking at craigslist for a few things. Ok, actually I've been looking for these specific things for a while now but never actually bought anything. Call me paranoid, but I've always been a little afraid of going to some stranger's house, giving them money, and then hoping they give me what I came to get instead of taking advantage of me or killing me. But we needed a jogging stroller and they are super expensive new. I decided that J is a big guy and can take care of himself, so if I found one I loved at a good price, I'd go for it. After months of casually looking, and a month or so of searching obsessively (kind of joking...), I found one I wanted to buy. J picked it up yesterday and we've already gone on a walk and a run with the boys in it. I have to admit, I'm in love. I didn't think I would ever end up with a side by side doublt stroller (too difficult to navigate through narrow mall stores...), but this stroller is amazing! It is so light and moves so easily! The boys seem to like it too. Anyway, after buying the awesome stroller, I decided to go ahead and try to get some diapers too. For anyone wondering, I cloth diaper. I love it but have had problems with the brand I was using (gave my Sweet T bruises along his spine). I've slowly been trying different brands and trying to find something that works better for our family. I have three top brands, one for the length, one for the cute prints (and yes, it actually does fit my boys well too), and one that is good all around but not at the very top of my list. My third favorite, the one that is good all around, was listed for $6 a piece!!! And she had 15 of them!!! The first brand listed above sells for about $20 each, the second brand for about $18, and this brand is usually around $12. Is that not amazing? Half price!!! And to make this deal even better (yes, it's possible!) The diapers are BRAND SPANKIN NEW! And the seller lives about 10 minutes from my house! I am so excited about this deal! I can offically stop using the bruisers (haha) and use diapers that I feel confindent in. I almost didn't buy them because I have grown to LOVE LOVE LOVE the fun prints! My little L has a diaper with monkeys on it even! And there are so many cute prints I've been eyeing. But God has been working on my heart. He has used even this situation to show my how prideful and un-content (my blog, I can make up words!) I am. Why do I feel like I should buy expensive diapers just because they have monkeys on them when I can get them for a third of the price plain??? Anyway, I listened and learned (or, rather, am learning) and now have tons of diapers for my boys.

Running: As I mentioned in the craigslist section, we bought a jogging stroller! Why did we buy a jogging stroller? Because I've started running! Yes, it's true, the girl who hates running is running. For the first time in my life, I ran an entire mile without stopping! Yahoo!!! I'm so excited! My goal is to be able to run 5K by June 4th, because I am signed up for my first race that day! Shocked? I don't blame you! But I'm really excited about it. J loves to run and has always wished I could go with him. Plus, you don't see many fat runners out there, do you? I really hope this helps me shed the last of my baby weight. I did something stupid while running the other day, it was quite funny! J and I were jogging together while my sister watched the boys. I like to talk while I run to keep my mind off of how terrible I feel, so I was busy talking away. Next thing I know, I'm running into the gaurd rail!!! Ha! Yep, I was THAT girl.

Crock Pot: Ok, baby L is crying for mommy. Kiddo is ready to eat. So, until next time, you'll have to be happy with those first two topics :)

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