Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random thoughts

First off, I realized that I haven't written about L's eyes recently. You may recall that he's had pink eye quite a bit. Turns out that clogged tear duct that usually goes away, hasn't. We have tried massaging it and everything. It's just as stubborn as that little boy ;) Because of the recurring pink eye, we have to take him to get a procedure done. We are praying it clears up on it's own before then.

Secondly, this weekend, J and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! Yay!!! Happy Anniversary, Sweet hubby! We didn't do anything to celebrate because he's on call. Stupid on call! We are hoping to go out to the Melting Pot sometime this week, though. We will just do dessert, but I am OH SO EXCITED!!!! That's the best part anyway! (see picture of our wedding day :) Yes, we were so young!)

Third, the GF diet is going ok. I still feel like crying some days (like when my boys eat delicious Chick fil a, and then get ice cream/milk shakes), but it's better. I'm finding recipes that I like and finding more snack foods.

Fourth, I ran two whole miles without stopping! Yahoo!!! I need to go about 3.2 before the 4th....

And last because I'm out of time, our VACATION is coming up!!!!!!!!!! I am so, so very excited!!!! Like, super excited!!! Several times throughout the day, someone in the M family (that's my little family) will say, "I can't WAIT to go to the beach!" and the rest of us will follow up with a "Woo Hoo!!!! I can't wait either!!! Only ___ more days!!!!!" We write little songs and everything. Super excited!!!

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