Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Madness, 5/09

Update on the kids:

Sweet T: Oh my Sweet T... What can I say other than I love him. All his temper tantrums and disobedience could never change the way I love him. He's my baby and I KNOW God has big plans for this little boy with such a strong personality. God is going to use this stubborness and his problem solving abilities to do amazing things. I just wish he would learn that sometimes he cannot have his way, and that being sneaky is bad (that's where he's using his problem solving figure out how to get what he wants without getting into trouble). He has the sweetest heart, loves his family and especially his brother. He also isn't bothered by the way other people treat him...he will not be jumping off of that darn bridge just because the other kids are ;) Yup, I'm not sure what it is, but God has given my little boy a big personality because he has big plans :) A cute story from last night... He was scared to go to bed for the first time. What was he so afraid of? Pumas. Yep, that's right. Most kids are afraid of monsters, mine is afraid of pumas. Ha! So sweet.

Little L: How in the world has my tiny baby grown up to be such a little boy so quickly??? It's like I fell asleep one night and woke up to this crawling, exploring, big boy! I miss the newborn stage, but this is so much fun too! When T was little, I was sometimes jealous of those mommas who had cuddly little boys who were so in love with their mommies. T is so independant, always has been. But now, my Little L makes up for it and more. He gets so excited when he sees his momma, he cuddles up on my shoulder, loves for me to hold him, rock him, and play with him. I am really enjoying this :) He is sitting up on his own, can even get into a sitting position from his tummy. He is crawling, mostly on his tummy still, but getting up onto all fours more and more. He loves to attack his brother and get into lots of trouble! I have to watch him very closely because he is constantly into something he shouldn't be... cords, trash, his brother's toys. He goes straight for outlets, glass, plants, anything that babies shouldn't be touching. T was busy, but L is all hands (well...and mouth too...that's where he puts everything). I can honestly say that I forgot how tiring it is to have a crawler, when everything is new and exciting and he just wants to learn about everything (but putting things into his mouth of course). It's fun though. I love this stage. He still isn't sleeping well. Hopefully that will change soon. We made T cry it out but I really don't think that's the best thing for babies anymore, at least not for my babies. He will sleep through the night some day, and some day, I will miss this. Oh, and one more thing (because I'm so proud of him) is that he's pulling up! The doctor said he wouldn't be pulling up on things by 9 months, but he is! He is! Take that, doctor! ;)

More crazy life: J is still waiting on a new job. He has had three offers, one from the new company that took over his old contract, one from his old company that's far away, and one from his old company that he really wants and would be amazing, but they don't offically have the contract yet. He turned down the one that's far away because he would rather spend time with is family than in the car commuting ( man is amazing!). He took the new company contract to make sure he has something, but really wants this other one. Please keep praying for God to work things out.

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