Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's Looking Good: Walking

As I mentioned yesterday, I have started walking with my neighbor.  This past week wasn't great because it's been raining like crazy, but we faithfully went every single morning the week before that.  We're planning on doing it again next week.  A first I didn't think it'd be that much of a work out.  I was running three miles a few months ago, what's a little walk going to do?  I quickly learned that walking for an hour, up and down hills, with a double jogging strollers and two heavy boys is a LOT of hard work!  I am not sure if it's as good as my runs used to be, but it's definitely doing something!  I also enjoy the time to chat with my friend.  She's such a sweet momma and a good role model to me.  She loves the Lord and wants to raiser her children to be responsible, wise, and godly.  It's good for the kids, too.  I want them to see value in taking care of the bodies God gave them.  It's important to exercise and exercise can be fun!  If all kids are well  behaved and the weather is nice, we stop at a park and let them play.  All four of them love it.  The older two (Sweet T and her little girl L) go off and have some independent play where we can see them but they have some space too.  The younger two (Little L and her son, M) stay close to us and need our help to climb stairs and things.  It works out well.  The kids enjoy it and we enjoy it.  It's just a shame that the weather will be turning cold soon.  I'm so not looking forward to winter!!!  I really enjoy these warm summer days.  Not the hot ones, but the ones where you can go out and play without feeling nasty afterward.

As far as dressing up and looking nice, well, I haven't been doing the best job at that.  I'm sitting here in a nursing cami (IE, sooo unattractive!) and pj pants.  I may not look attractive, but I sure am comfortable :)  Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!  STAY DRY!  :)

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