Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life as I like it...crazy :)

We have been super busy these past few weeks.  I wish that I had more time and motivation to blog on a regular basis.  I really do enjoy it!  But my "free time" is precious and like the title says, life has been crazy!  I like to be busy.  I really do.  And as long as the boys are well behaved, I enjoy the chaos too!  I think I'll take today to just recap what we've been up to.
Sweet T has been obeying much better lately.  It's such a nice break from the constant disobedience.  That was ROUGH!  He is growing up fast and is super excited about his third birthday party next month.  We have started buying decorations and have the...FIRE STATION...reserved for his party :)  He is learning to write his name.  He can do the first two letters, which look very similar to each other, ha!  But he actually does a good job, considering he's not even 3.  We have decided to start him in Cubbies this year at our church.  They usually want the child to be 3 by September, but all of his little friends are starting this year and he's very smart.  The leader thought he'd be fine starting early.  So, he's all signed up! 
Little L is busy walking, exploring, and getting into as many things as possible.  His favorite place to play is the toilet.  It's nasty!  My Sweet T often forgets to flush, put the lid down, and close the bathroom door.  Yeah, it's fun...  L is definitely more content to play at my feet than T used to be.  I was able to cook dinner yesterday without many distractions.  Both boys lost it at the end, but over all, I was pleasantly surprised at how happy L was to just play with pots and pans.  He said his first word on Sunday.  I'm sad to admit that he said "Dada" first.  T said "Dada" first too.  I was really hoping L would say "Momma" first.   Oh well.  He throws the cutest fits and is learning to express his thoughts.  I'm sure these fits would be as adorable in another few weeks, but for now, I just laugh.
My wonderful hubby had his interview with the Top Secret people.  I'm not really sure if that means he's getting close to officially getting his clearances, but it's nice to see they're working on it.  I saw a couple men walking around all dressed up a couple weeks ago and wondered if they were Top Secret people too, asking questions about J.  Good thing we know a lot of our neighbors and get along well with all of them.  J is exploring the possibility of going back to school.  He probably will, we just aren't sure when or where.  He has also been working hard to get home repairs done.  Poor guy has a list out to the moon of projects he needs to get done.
As for me, well, I'm back in school too.  I started my first class on L's birthday.  I've been able to keep up with the assignments so far.  I wouldn't say I enjoy it, but I really feel like it's important to finish up.  I have also started walking with my very favorite neighbor almost every morning.  It's been hard this week, with all the rain, but besides that, we have gone every day.  Oh, we also realized that we're cousins!!! How cool is that?  She has researched her genealogy all the way back to England, and my uncle has researched ours.  Our great, great, great (times however many) grandfather is Thomas Bingham, a 17 year old who came over from England with his mom.  Our lines split from there, but it's still really cool.  I have kept all of my goals that I set in January in my mind as I go about my day and overall, I think I've made a lot of progress.  I'm nowhere near where I want to be.  Not even close.  But I've stepped in the right direction. 
My Sweet T is craving attention.  The stinker seems to be ready to drop his nap :(   So I should run and show him that he is more important than this silly old computer.  Hopefully I'll write more tomorrow :)

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