Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Madness: Change of plans....

I was getting on here to blog about our trip to Busch Gardens.  We went over the weekend and had a blast!  But Blogger seems to be joining the other sites that have issues.  Oh well, pictures will have to wait.  And so will this blog post :)  Instead, I'll share about my crazy dream.

So I believe Jesus is coming back again some day.  It may be soon, it might be thousands of years from now.  No one knows.  I've been thinking about it a lot lately, though.  And it's now in my dreams...mixed with a little bit of Noah's Ark.  Yep, I dreamed about that strange combination.  In my dream, I took the boys to J's work because it was time for Jesus to come get us, but first there was going to be a huge flood.  I went with our pool toys, too.  I climbed to the roof of his office, where he was with his boss.  Did I mention I grabbed a table on one of the lower floors?  You know, because everybody needs a table to hold on to when it's flooding.  So I climbed up 7 flights of stairs, with two kids, pool floats, and a table.  J's boss was confused and made fun of me, just like people made fun of Noah.  But I knew what was coming and I was prepared :)  Sure enough, the waters started rising and I needed that table.  L and I clung onto it while T held onto one of his pool floaties. I woke up about that time, so I'm not sure what happened to J.  Maybe he was on the other floaty I brought that disappeared.  It was very, very strange.  I guess I've been thinking about the way I should spend my time here on earth to bring glory to my Maker.  I keep thinking about a quote I heard years ago.  I can't really remember much of it, other than the fact that it was about people who thought the rapture was going to happen any day and were obsessed with it to the point where they couldn't get much done.  The person who said the quote said something along the lines of if God comes today, I want Him to find me living a life that honors Him.  I want everything I do to be as if He's coming back now.  I want to be prepared.  I agree with him.  I want to be prepared for His return.  Maybe that's where the pool toys came from.  Ha!  A funny dream with a lot of powerful meaning behind it.  Are you prepared too?  Are you living your life for Him?  If He comes today, will He find you serving doing His work?  Or works that only bring you temporary happiness?

There you go!  Wednesday's walk with God on a Monday.  Let this week's madness begin :)

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