Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Visiting B!

I went to visit one of my best friends this past weekend.  There are two girls who will be my BFF no matter what.  They have been there with me through the thick and thin, years and years, which is rare for a military brat.  One is D, she lives on the other side of the country and is the complete opposite of me.  I love her to DEATH though.  We've been best friends since we were 4.  Yep, this military brat has had a friend for all her life.  I only see her once every couple of years and we only talk a couple times a year.  It's sad, but I know that she is there for me in a heart beat.  The other friend is so much like me.  We met in high school when our dads were stationed here around the same time.  She came from the far FL and I came from CA, both warm climates.  We experienced our first winter together (I've lived in CO too, but I was little...cold weather was still "new" to me).  We were both extremely shy, silly, boy crazy, have ADD, the same goals in life, and we were a little ditzy.  We were instantly best friends.  Her dad stayed in the military and moved again while my dad retired here.  She married military, I married civi.  While we are still so, so similar, our lives have taken different paths.  Her parents are currently stationed about 2-3 hours from here and plan to retire there.  Her husband... IS STATIONED THERE TOO!!!!  YAY!!!!!  I get to visit B now :)  She's been there for about a year, and has about a year left, but I am still so excited to have this time with her.  She was pregnant with me.  She was due more than a month before me, but her little guy was born late while mine came a month early, so L is actually a week older than G.  My sweet friend is pregnant again.  With another boy!!!  We will both have two boys close in age :)  I love it!  I love that we can have such different lives, but still be so similar.  This past weekend, I took my boys down there (my momma came too, she visited B's momma) and it was just so wonderful to talk and spend time together.  I feel so blessed to have wonderful, life-long friends like her and D.  I think a friend like that is rare.  I guess there really isn't a point to this post other than to brag about my friends :)

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  1. I feel that very same way about your mom and the other two gals that we go cruising with. I am so thankful for them!