Monday, November 7, 2011

Update to Our Sicknesses

The last post I wrote was last week when we had a ton of illnesses.  I thought I should give a quick update.  The chaos continues :)  But, we are handling it with grace... for now.  My mom still has the flu.  Yuck!  Can you imagine getting sick for this long?  But, overall, she feels a lot better.  T also caught the flu, but he had the 24 hour version.  Thank God!  It wasn't fun,  though.  Little red spots keep popping up on Little L, but so far, none of them have been chickenpox.  It's very strange.  He gets a red bump, I panic and think "here we go!"  Then they're gone within a few hours. 

Besides sicknesses, we also had a day where the kids were determined to head to the ER.  They tried their hardest to either get themselves there, or to send me there with a heart attack.  Sweet T is 3 and perfectly capable of going up and down the steps correctly.  He's been doing it for a year or more now.  On Friday, however, he decided it was boring to walk down the stairs.  It was way more exicing to go down on a boogie board!!!  True story.  My crazy 3 year old went down the stairs while STANDING on a boogie board.  Don't worry, though.  He informed me that "it's safe because (he) was holding onto the railing."  At least he took safety into consideration, right?  (insert eye roll here)  No injuries there, as crazy as it was.  Then while I was cooking dinner, the kids were playing in the living room.  The rooms are connected by a doorway and I can easily see them.  When you first walk into our house, we have an entry table leaning against the back of the couch and L likes to play with the stuff in the drawer.  I'm still not sure exactly how he did it, but he managed to pull the entry table down ontop of himself!!!  I completely panicked!  Of course the first thing I did was run and pull the heavy table off of him, and then I ran to grab my phone, ready to call 911.   God protected my baby, though.  Before I even got back to the living room with my phone, L had rolled over and stopped screaming.  I decided to call a nurse line instead of 911 because he was up and moving on his own and didn't seem too injured.  It should have been a lot worse than it was!  I don't know how he was able to bounce back like that!  After checking his tummy, running over to my neighbor's house to have her check his tummy, and calling a second opinion from another nurse line, we decided it was fine to stay home instead of rushing him to the ER. 

Now that T is over the flu and no one is hurting themselves, we wait to see if I have mono or if the kids have chickenpox.  J and I are cleaning like crazy to prepare for my grandma coming this weekend, and things are going smoothly.  I'm thankful for nice weather and plan to get out and PLAY with the kids while we still can.

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