Thursday, November 3, 2011


Between my parents' household and mine, we're surrounded by sicknesses.  Since YESTERDAY, we've been diagnosed with possible yeast infection (Little L, but it cleared up soon after on it's own, I'm thinking it was more likely teething related),  the flu (my mom), I'm being treated for a sinus infection while we wait to see if I have, ready for this?  Mono.  And if that's not enough, my dad was diagnosed with shingles.  Thankfully he can't pass shingles on to anyone, but he CAN pass the chicken pox around.  Not cool, especially since my kids, who spend a lot of time with their Pop pop, haven't had the vaccine and I might have mono.  My poor hubby, he will have his hands FULL if he has to take care of a wife down for weeks with mono and two boys sick with chicken pox.  Normally, I'd think, "No big deal.  If they get it, we'll deal with it and then they will be immune for life.  No need for the vaccine then!"  But this is really, really bad timing as I am pretty sure it's mono instead of a sinus infection :(  On top of that, we have one neighbor who also has the flu, one with pneumonia, and a girl at church last night threw up.  She was in Sweet T's room and her sister was in L's room, and she was super cranky too, which makes me think she's also sick.  Oh gosh, what if we end up with the flu (exposed to by my mom, neighbor, and these girls at church), chicken pox and mono all at the same time?  Please pray for my sweet little family!  We need it. If you don't see me blogging for a while, you know why....

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