Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's Looking Good: Even better than last week!

After writing last week's Friday blog, I decided to weigh myself on our Wii Fit.  It's the only scale we have in our house, ha!  According to the Wii, I am... DOWN TO MY PRE-T WEIGHT!!!  Oh my goodness!  Oh my goodness!  Oh my goodness!!!  I am thrilled!!!  Seriously so excited!

On a not-so-good note, I have not been exercising or eating as well lately.  My wonderful sister and I have been traveling some and it's really thrown me off track.  We went to the OBX in the beginning of June, and then a couple weeks after coming home, we went to TN.  Both times, I had plans to run.  I even packed my running clothes and shoes!  I went twice while at the beach and not at all while in TN.  I ran a mile and thought I was going to die earlier this week!  Yesterday I was able to go a mile and a half, but that's it.  I run veeeerry slow too.  I hate it!  I was doing SO well but now I feel like I have to start all over.  And it's HOT.  So hot!  To make matters worse, I have been snacking on candy.  I can't eat cookies or cakes or things like that (unless I pay a lot of money for GF ones or spend the time to make them...), so I've moved on to candy.  It's been bad lately.  I need to start eating less sugary stuff and make sure to drink more water!!!  My plan for running and exercising is to start running with a friend.  She has run the Army 10 miler in the past and is much more athletic than I am!  I will be embarrassed for her to see how out of shape I am, but I know it will be encouraging to have someone to go with.  Hopefully that will motivate me to keep going and push myself!  She even volunteered to push the boys in the jogging stroller :)  I'm really excited!  At this point, I'm not trying to lose weight.  I am really happy at this size.  I just need to maintain this and change my focus on getting healthy.  I still want to work on the rest of my looks, but I'm so very excited to have reached this goal!  Yay!

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