Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday's Walk with God: Moving a different direction

I logged onto blogger today thinking I was going to post one thing, but my sister and my dear friend both posted similar things, so maybe God is trying to say something.  Instead of me getting in the way today, I'm just going to post links to their blogs first.  Read them before you read another word of this blog (click on "sister" and "dear friend")

Ok, now for what God has been teaching me.  With my husband's job situation and all of our lovely house problems, I've been stressing out about money recently.  I've been thinking a lot about two things.  First of all, I've been thinking about my responsibility to spend my money wisely.  I have a really hard time with this because I love buying things for my kids and my house.  Unlike most girls, I don't really have a hard time with buying lots of nice clothes, shoes, or designer purses, but I do have many other weaknesses.  Do my kids really need to brand new gymboree outfits when I can get thing adorable things at the thrift store?  They have tons of toys, do they really need another car/train/ball?  The second thing I've been learning is that I must put my faith in God, not in money.  It's easy to think that I need money to pay my bills, but I have to remember where that money is coming from.  I heard something on the radio the other day that has been going through my head a lot.  Some of you have heard this story, probably three times already, but it has helped me keep my focus so much that I feel like I need to share it again.  When you are stressed out about your finances, take that dollar and turn it around.  What does the back of it say?  It says "In GOD We Trust"  Where should our trust be?  Not in that dollar, but in God!

I hope that whether you have a million dollars or you have a million debts, that you are using your money to glorify God and using your money wisely.  I encourage you to look at your checkbook (or whatever you use to track your spending) and see if your money is going to build God's Kingdom, or your own.

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