Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mixing it up a bit!

Today is Thursday, it should be about my cleaning journey.  But in all honesty, the house is a mess!  With VBS, J working late every night, and the indoor rain shower that has happened twice (and is destroying my ceiling), I've been too tired, stressed, and BUSY to worry about it.  So instead, I'm going to write about all the baby related things I love :)  I have a friend who was telling me about another baby blog where the writer does this, and I though it was a great idea!  I have things that I'm in love with and want to tell everyone about, so why not do a post about it?  Whoopie!  (Yes, Stace, I did just say Whoopie!)  Here we GO:

Car Seat:
I love the Britax Marathon that Little L has.  T has a different brand and I am far from impressed, but this Britax one is wonderful!  I feel really good about L in there.  It was easy to install, looks safe and comfy, and has excellent ratings.  I wish I had just spent the money and bought one for T.
Next up is my Ergo.  I could NOT handle two boys this young without my Ergo.  It is so much more comfortable than the Bjorn or any similar brand.  I have walked around DC with Sweet T in it...he was 32 lbs and I was completely fine.  My back, shoulders, everything felt great!  Little L likes to be held and sometimes I just don't have the hands to do it all while holding him, so in the Ergo he goes.  I use it every time I go shopping, especially grocery shopping.  I use it around the house.  I use it to take both boys to the park when J isn't with me.  This is definitely a must have for moms!  (I have also heard great things about the Beco, but I haven't tried it)
For breastfeeding, I found nipple shields to be very helpful in the beginning.  Now, L hated these.  I think it was the rubbery feel of things that bothered him because he also hated bottles and pacis.  With T, on the other hand, these were a life savor!!!  Seriously, they taught him how to latch on easily and they minimized the pain tremendously!
I also enjoyed making their baby food when it was time for them to start eating.  Here is the website I used to teach me what to do.  A few other things I loved (or my kids loved) were:

For sleeping arrangements, my babies were in my room until the were 6 and 7 months old.  I used a pack n play for them to sleep in.  The one I loved most had the bassinet attachment and a co sleeper attachment.  It also had a higher weight limit, which was a HUGE plus for us since my babies tend to be big.  The brand is Baby Trend and I have a sports themed one

Both my boys loved their swing.  It goes both ways (side to side, and forward to back)  It looked super comfy too.  It's the Fisher Price Papasan Swing.  See above

I have a lot more that my kids loved, but this blog entry is getting long and the boys are awake now, so I'll save it for another day.  Happy Thursday, all!

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