Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday's Walk with God: Contentment!

God has been teaching me that I need to be content over the past week.  I haven't shared this with the world yet, but my wonderful husband is searching for a job yet again!  It's beyond ridiculous and I'm tired of this!  He's a hard worker, I mean HARD worker!  Everybody and their brother want him, but there is always something in the way (currently it's his lack of top secret clearances, which he's working on.  He has the temporary clearances, but I guess the government decided suddenly, AFTER hiring him, that this isn't going to cut it).  He's talking about taking classes, maybe doing this or that, looking into this job, applying for that one, and so on and so forth.  I know what I want, I know what he's thinking and they don't always match up.  It's fine, though.  He's the head of our house, he's the one who has to go to work every day.  Our eventual goals are the same.  I respect him and trust him enough to do what he thinks is the best thing for our family.  That's where the contentment thing comes into play, though.  I keep dreaming about buying a house in South Carolina, of even better, Florida.  Somewhere warm, near the ocean, peaceful and quiet.  I'm tired of this DC living.  I'm dreading winter already and it's only July.  I'm ready to move.  But is that in God's plan for our lives right now?  Probably not.  And it's OK.  More than OK, it's where He has placed us and wants us.  He has a perfect will for my life and I may not know all the details, but I need to just let Him guide us, especially Jason, to the right place at the right time.   It may not be what I would choose, but when I look back at other things I've wanted in the past that God has said no to (or wait), I realize how much of a blessing it was that I did not get what I thought I wanted.  So, I'm choosing the be content.  I'm choosing to make the best of this crazy, career driven, stressful area.  I'm choosing to trust God :)

I know I haven't blogged much this week.  We have been busy with all this job stuff (J is searching like crazy for the best path to follow and trying to figure out if he wants a degree, a certificate, or something else to further his career), with T's swim lessons, which he loves by the way, and with other house projects.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about all the organizational progress I've made this past week!  I'm super excited about it!


  1. I'll be praying for you guys

  2. I am praying as well. God will put you right where He wants you. You are doing great!!