Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday madness at it's finest: Plumbing fun

This past week was a doozy for us!  As I mentioned, it was VBS week at church.  I was in the nursery, so I had to make sure I was there in time for the parents to drop off their babies before heading to their assigned group.  In other words, EARLY!  What was a I thinking???  I have myself and two little boys to get ready.  One little boy (T) wants to do things himself, which is fabulous but takes forever.  The other just doesn't want anything done at all.  Unless it involves him eating, ha!  Getting up and ready was not easy.  Thankfully, my sweet hubby went into work late so that he could help me get everything together and everyone out the door. 

We try to keep a pretty consistent routine for the boys.  T is flexible and just goes with the flow.  We were spoiled with him :)  L makes up for it!  My sweet little guy thrives with his routine, but has a very difficult time adjusting to new things.  I thought he'd be just as easy going, maybe even more so since we were always on the go when he was little.  As he got older, I realized more and more how important a routine is for him.  When we are not in routine, everything, especially sleep, goes out the window.  The boys were cranky, tired, and so hyper.

The craziest part of the week hasn't even been mentioned yet.  Plumbing.  That area has caused us more stress this past week than anything else.   Monday morning, J took a shower and it started to back up.  Then it started running through the floor, and leaking onto the floor below.  Thank the Lord that I was down there getting the boys ready for VBS because I was able to run up and tell him what was going on.  It could have been a lot worse!  Can you imagine if he had continued to take his shower?  And if I hadn't been there to put buckets and towels down to catch the water?  Yep, it would have been a lot worse.  We of course called a plumber immediately.  The first appt they had was for the following day.  Great!  I was hoping for something that day but at least it was going to get fixed soon, right?  Wrong.  The guy replaced a part that had nothing to do with the leak.  Of course we didn't try it out until after he left.  This time, we barely used the bathroom at all because as soon as we heard the water leaking, J turned it off.  It was still enough that it leaked through the ceiling again, and to bring down the dry wall!!!  YIKES!  So again we called the plumber, so scheduled an appt for Friday (remember this started Monday?  Thankful we live close to family so we could shower and bathe our kids!!!).  Friday comes and goes, no plumber!  He did eventually call and recommend we reschedule the following day (Saturday).  When I did, they told me that they were full until Tuesday!!!  OH NO!  But I threw a fit and they agreed to send someone out that day.  After putting three massive holes in our dry wall (one upstairs in my husband's closet, and two in the ceiling downstairs), he found the problem.  A clog.  Yay!  But the drama isn't over yet.  Our home warranty then calls us to inform us that they do not  cover clogs.  They also don't cover secondary damage (the dry wall).  And the plumber had to schedule another day to come fix it (today).  So basically, it's Monday, a week later and we still can't use the showers, sinks, or even the toilet!  We are all using the half bath downstairs which is NOT fun.  We will have to pay for all of the repairs and our house is a mess.  Seriously, a mess!  We had to move our furniture around to make room for the repairs, the kids are into everything and I'm just trying to not think about the dry wall disaster that will soon take place as the plumber fixes everything.   Hopefully, we'll have our bathrooms back today.  No clue when we'll get our wall and ceiling replaced though. 

That's basically our week.  That and Insanity. Yes, this whole thing is insane, but I'm talking about the Insanity DVD's that I'm doing with my friend and sister.  Hoping to see results soon because it's kicking our butts!

Happy Monday, all.  Here's to a better week :)

EDIT TO ADD: If you don't see me blogging much, it means that our house is still a wreck and our computer isn't set up.  I have to do all my computer stuff at the parents' house.  Let's all pray this is over soon!

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