Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday's Looking Good: Baby Bum edition!

Ha ha! Yep, that's right! This post is about how cute my kids bums look... in their new HOME MADE cloth diapers!!!! This was my Friday project and I'm so excited about it, plus I can only talk about my looks so much. I somehow convinced my mom to help me sew (and by help, I mean she had to do 90% of the work because I can't sew) a fitted cloth diaper and a cover. I cannot tell you enough how adorable they turned out! They are far from perfect, but soooo cute! And now we know how to do them and what to change, so they will look professional next time (Ha! Mom, ready for the next one??? You know you want to...) We started with a Large cover because it said 18-36 pounds. It definitely was not the correct size for Little L. It fits T, and almost fits me (LOL!!!). It's seriously huge. We used PUL and this pattern Here's a bunny we borrowed from my sister's room to model:

After we finished the cover, I made a fitted diaper following this pattern:
It was super easy! I actually did most of the work!!! My mom of course helped me with the hard parts, but I'm proud to say that I actually did one :) We used Batman material (flannel I think?) for the outside, and then terry cloth on the inside. CUTE! I'll edit this post with a picture once I get one. Unfortanately I don't have any baby safety pins, snappis, or snaps for this diaper, so I can't use it yet :( Oh well, I will figure something out soon because I cannot wait to try it out!

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