Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's Walk with God: Money, part 2

The last time I blogged on a Wednesday, I wrote about money. Specifically, I listed Bible verses to help me have a better attitude regarding money and to encourage me to be content. Today, I'd like to write about spending money. There are once again two main points we have to consider. The first is that we need to be responsible with our money and the second is that we need to tithe. I'm only going to write about one today, because I'm exhausted and ready for bed :)
Let's talk a little bit about being responsible with our money. Before I start, I feel like I need to say that I'm not a very deep person. I will not say anything that will blow your mind. I just write what God is teaching me, which is usually just very basic stuff :) Ok, so responsibility. I believe that the Bible teaches us to be responsible with all that God has given us, including money. There is a parable about a master who gave three servants some money to take care of for him while he was away. Two servants were wise with their money and made more in return, while one servant hid his money and made nothing in return. The master was pleased with the first two and doubled their rewards. He was unhappy with the third and punished him (if I remember correctly, he fired him and sent him on his way with nothing...). There is another parable about a foolish son who begs his father for his inheritance early and then runs away and spends it all. He ends up losing everything, money, friends, home, and so on. This son gets a job feeding pigs, but it's barely enough. When he finds himself eating the pigs' food, he realizes how foolish he's been and decides to go ask his dad for forgiveness. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, but I completely and fully believe that God wants us to spend our money wisely. We should not go spending our money on every little whim. Those fancy diapers may be super cute, but should I really be spending $35 on a diaper when I already have enough? Do you really need that Starbucks coffee every morning? Is there something more important you should be spending your money on? Should you be preparing for your future instead? It's ok to have nice things, but think about what's really important. Maybe instead of buying another new dress that you will barely wear, you could give that money to your church, or the crisis pregnancy center, or even to a friend who is struggling (but be careful not to offend if you do that...). I'm rambling now, which is usually a sign that it's way past my bed time. Good night folks! Feel free to add your thoughts on how to spend (or save) your money wisely. What is God teaching you right now?

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