Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday's Looking Good: Doing ok.

Another late blog. Ha! Oh well, I guess at this point, no one is surprised :) Anyway, back to becoming beautiful... A couple weeks ago, I felt very insecure about my looks, then the following week I felt a lot better. Now I'm just kind of in the middle, and I kinda like it here! When I feel decent, I don't obsess over it. I haven't stepped on a scale lately, but I'm guessing I've lost at least a pound or two because my tight pants now fit me well. And my bigger pants are a little too big. Yay! That's a GOOD problem to have. But I still don't fit into my pre pregnancy clothes. I am also really happy with the length of my hair right now. Every couple of years, I get tired of my hair and have it all cut off (to about my chin). That look just doesn't look good on me. I don't know why I do it, and I regret it every time. Hopefully I'll remember that next time I get tired of my longer hair. My hair is now about shoulder level and I like it! I wish I could pull off really long hair again, but I just don't think it would work on me now. But this level is good. I look like a grown up but not too old. I can wear it down and it looks fine, but if I don't like it on my neck, I can pull it back. The boys and I are all ready for spring time! We are all excited to get outside and PLAY! Sweet T can get energy out, and J and I can get some exercise, which we are definitely missing. We LOVE family walks in the evenings! It's one of the things we miss most in the winter. We also want to get a double jogging stroller and start running. Hubs is trying to convince me to do a half marathon with him... I think he's crazy :) I'm also looking forward to my skin looking healthier. I am so dry right now! I hate it.

Even though I'm feeling content with how I look, I need to try a little harder... Especially when I'm out in public! It's not usually a good idea to wear pants covered in chocolate cake batter to gymnastics like I did this morning........ ;)

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