Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thoroughly Clean Thursday: Time to declutter

A few times every year, there is a local children's consignment sale. This year, I'm thinking I'll try to sell some things! My kids have WAY too much stuff. I don't want them to be spoiled and there's really no need to have all of these toys. They don't even play with all of them. I also don't have room to store everything! So far, I've gone through their clothes. It's hard getting rid of some of these things. My kids wore these clothes when they were itty bitty, and now they're big and I miss the tiny little guys they used to be. I'm keeping my favorites. I don't know why it's so hard for me to get rid of these things. Some of them were never even worn by my kids but I can't help but think "This is cute! Maybe I'll actually put it on the next baby!" I wont. I'm kidding myself. Plus, now that we've switched to cloth diapers, a LOT of T's old pants will never fit L. L already has thick and chunky thighs. Add the "fluff" to his tush and there's absolutely NO WAY possible I'll get them up :) The consignment sale is next week so I really need to get a move on going through the rest of their stuff. If I can just motivate myself and get it done, I think we'd all feel a lot better. Less clutter means less mess, which means less stress! Anybody want to come over and do it for me???

Remember I told you that J sometimes describes me as a hoarder? It's moments like these that I think he may be on to something...

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