Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Monday Madness!

I realize that I have not been blogging much lately. Life has just been too busy. Hubs is FINALLY feeling better and went into work today! Hooray for him feeling better!!! Boo for his entire time home spent in bed. He has quite the busy day, too. He is a deacon at our church and in charge of a bathroom remodel that began today. He left bright and early to go unlock the church and get things ready for the contractor. Then off to work. When he leaves work, he's going straight to the church to check things out, do whatever needs done there, and then heading back to... work?!?! Yep, that's right. Church, work, church, work, and then home pretty late. I have the upmost respect for military wives, or any momma who does this alone day in and day out. Despite how busy I am and how much I'm NOT cut out for this type of parenting, I'm choosing today to be happy and rejoice in the new day that I get to spend with my kids...regardless of how crazy they make me :)

Sweet T: Sweet T continues to try to show us who's boss. It seems like a never ending battle. He is becoming very independant too and wants to do everything on his own (unless it's something he sees us doing for his brother). It requires a lot of patience on our end, which is something I have very little of these past few weeks. It also requires consistentcy, even when I'd rather just let things slide for one night. I KNOW that this is an important stage for him and that this is how he will learn that our behaviors have consiquenses and all that good stuff. I also KNOW that it's good to let him do things on his own, to figure it out and become an independant little guy. I just wish that I had the enegry and patience to help him through this ever so important phase of life.
He has shown a lot of growth in his relationships to peers this past week. For the first time, I saw him playing with someone. Not just next to this child, but with him. I was so proud of him. He's really growing up. He also went to his second birthday party this weekend. It's really cute to see him interacting with other kids. He doesn't cling to us and is involved with whatever activity is going on. He seems to prefer to play with older kids, as in elementary school age kids, rather than kids his own age.
On a slightly grosser note, he ate a red cupcake at church last night. Guess what color his poop was this morning. Nasty!!! But kinda funny too.

Little L: Little L has also matured quite a bit recently. He's like a new baby! He has discoved his hands and tries to grab everything! His favorites right now are hair and anything on T. Poor T gets grabbed a lot, but he doesn't seem to mind. L tries to grab plates and cups on the table, T's toys, blankets, fingers, anything other than baby toys really, lol.
He has also become a pro at rolling from his back to his belly. Diaper changes have become a bit of a challenge, and sometimes he screams like crazy because he gets stuck. But I LOVE it! You can tell that he is so proud of himself by the huge grin on his face each time he does it. Occasionally, he figures out how to roll back onto his back. The days that he "gets" it, he goes back and forth, back and forth, all day long. It's so much fun to watch. Then it's like he forgets how to do it the next day. I've also seen him try to scoot. He is just so determined to get things. Maybe he's more like his brother afterall :) It wont be long before he's mobile. While my job as Mommy will continue to get harder and harder as he figures things out, I can't wait! This is my absolute favorite stage so far! Everything is so new and exciting. You can see the little wheels turning in their heads as they try to figure it out. I just love it!

I could talk about my kids all day long. I really think they're great! And today, as I choose to focus on all of their wonderful qualities, I encourage you to do the same with the people YOU love. I'm sure your kids, spouse, parents, or whoever drive you just as crazy as my guys drive me, but I wouldn't trade this for the world!

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  1. I love these stages, too! You've got some pretty wonderful kiddos.