Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday: My wonderful hubby!

My house is a disaster. I am still playing "single mommy" while my husband tries to recover from this nasty, horrible flu that has my poor man stuck in bed. Actually, I've seen him more today than I have in the past week. Yay! But that doesn't change the fact that I've been handling everything on my own for what seems like forever. With my hubby practically disabled (I'm possibly exaggerating... just a tad though), I can see very clearly how much he helps me out. My hubby really is amazing. Since my house is currently a mess, I thought I'd dedicate this week's cleanliness post to all the work J does. Most husbands do the manly chores like car maintenance and trash. Mine does those things too. He does more than that, though. A lot more! He does all of the dishes. Yes, you read that right. He does ALL of the dishes. There are two reasons why. The first has to do with his love for me (I absolutely hate dirty dishes. They are so nasty to me) and the second is because he is a little OCD about it and re-does everything when I try to help him with them :) I won't complain though. I'll let him correct me all he wants (with regards to the dishes) if he continues to do them for me. I hate dishes! He also does a lot of laundry. I have taken over some in this area, but he still helps me out a lot. He used to do all of the laundry for us. Never complained or asked me to help out either. Isn't he sweet? Then I started doing more and more. Part of me thinks he enjoys it. He even asked me to leave his clothes, or at least his work clothes, for him to do. OCD kicking in again ;) If the house is a little cluttered when I go to bed, he straightens up before I wake up. If I leave crumbs on the kitchen table, he wipes them off. It's not unusual for him to vacuum, sweep, cook, put clothes away, and so on. In fact, he is willing to do everything except the bathrooms. It's true. My husband does it all! I'm not saying he does it all on a daily basis, but he's always willing to. There have been plenty of times in our 5 years of marriage that he HAS done it all for extended periods of time (like after a baby is born...). What can I say? He spoils me! And do you want to know how often he has complained about it? Never. Well, ok. Maybe a few times, but usually only when I complain that he isn't spending enough time with us as a family because he spends all his time working or cleaning (he is a much cleaner person than I am). My point is, he not only cleans, but he does it joyfully. He knows that I am busy with the kids all day and respects how much time and energy I devote to them. I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind me pitching in more, though... as long as I leave the dishes and his work clothes alone ;)

J-Mo, I love you! Thank you for taking care of us! Now hurry up and feel better soon! I miss my house keeper...I mean...umm... partner. Lol, kidding :) You're the best though!

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