Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another late post: Friday :)

So I am really falling behind on these blog entries. Oh well, I guess that happens sometimes when life gets busy. So my attempt to look nicer was a huge fail this past week. I've been trying to stay home more because it's too cold and I always seem to spend money when I leave the house. What's the point in dressing up to stay home? Plus, I still haven't figured out the best time to take a shower. I hate showering at night, there's no way I'm waking up before the babies, I want to nap when they nap together (yeah, like that happens ;)), and I do NOT trust sweet T alone with little L... or alone at all for that matter. I need to work on it though. My goal for this week? To be out of my pj's before J gets home at least 4 days. Ha, yep, that's my only goal. And I'm not even sure I'll reach that... ;)

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