Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday's walk with God.

This week, God has been working on my attitude. I am a very proud person, especially when I am sleep deprived and feel like I'm constantly giving of myself. I feel like I DESERVE to be pampered and like others should cater to my needs and wants because poor, pitiful me, I have to take care of two small children all day long and that is an extremely demanding job. It's not easy, but more and more I'm realizing that I cannot use that as an excuse forever. Just because I have been up every. single. night for the past four and a half months (with the exception of two nights ago...that was close to heaven, I'm sure), doesn't mean I have the right to be rude, unloving, and selfish. God doesn't not say "Respect your husband, unless you are in a bad mood." He simply says to respect your husband. He does not say to control your tongue unless it's too hard at the moment. Nor does He say that it's ok to fly off the handle because your two year old wipes boogies in your hair (true story... yuck!) God calls me to be a godly wife, mother, and woman at all times, not just when it's easy. So, this week God has been showing me what NEEDS to change, hopefully I'll be able to change those areas (with God's help and lots of grace from my family) in the very near future :)


  1. but wouldn't it be so nice if the bible said "It's ok to be rude when your toddler is awake at 2 am and you are simply exhausted." *sigh*...thanks for your post, again...something I needed to read.