Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thoroughly clean Thursday: My White Board :)

In my quest to become organized, I'm trying a few different things. My favorite so far is my new white board. I have thought about buying one for a couple years now and I finally broke down and bought one. It has definitely helped me to see clearly what needs to be done. I have divided it up into four different sections. 1/3 of the board is a weekly calendar that lists our meals for the week and any other event that we need to remember. The middle 1/3 is a section for notes. This doesn't get used much, but I felt it important just in case I needed to talk to J about something but couldn't right away (I often forget if I have to wait). The last 1/3 is divided in half. The top half is my "To Do" list and the bottom half is our grocery list. I like having it there so that I can see everything that needs to be done and I can erase it and rewrite things as I need to.

As far as last week's goal, I believe I wanted to do the 20 minute challenge 5 days. That did not happen, but the house stayed relatively clean. I feel like I've already come a long way and it's only January still. I'm looking forward to keeping it up and hopefully getting even better. My goal for this week is to maintain the main living areas and to clean and organize the basement. Gasp. This is going to be scary!