Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday's Looking Good: Feeling better

I'm about two days late on this blog, but that's ok. The kids (especially my extremely active two year old...) have kept me busy! Sweet T has so much energy built up from being in side for so long, but that's a different post. I'll save that for tomorrow and write about what I came here to write about, my looks.
Last week I wrote about how discouraged I was and how unattractive I feel. I was having a rough day to say the least. I think this nasty weather affects me just as much as my two year old and I'm dealing with a little bit of the "winter blues." Anyway, this past week I had a doctor's appointment and of course they had to weigh me. I was not looking forward to stepping on that scale as I've had a hard time losing this baby weight. I was about 120 before getting pregnant with Little L and I have not been able to get below 130 since then. He's 5 months old and I just can't shed these last 10 pounds (I actually want to get to my pre-Sweet T weight, which is 115)! So the nurse starts messing with the scale and finally lands on... 128.5!!!!! Yahoo!!!!! I know it's only a pound and a half, but finally, FINALLY, I'm below 130! Maybe someday, I will reach my goal afterall.

And I was out of my PJ's everyday except for one ;) Lol...

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