Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Madness

Normally, I'll talk about my crazy kiddos on Mondays but this past weekend fits this title perfectly, so I'm changing the plan just this once (or maybe for the first of many times...). Saturday started off great! Hubs let me sleep in, which was much needed and very much appreciated. I had some fun things planned, like decorating cupcakes for a friend and then a wedding. I was looking forward to the day. For whatever reason, things got a little...less wonderful when I got out of bed. The kids were fussing, things needed to be done before I left, and J and I were just off (not really arguing or angry, just not connecting like usual). By the time I left to finish the cupcake display, I was feeling frustrated. My mom and I work on cupcakes together, and neither one of us is very good with time management. Our goal was to be at my friend's event at 2 so we could finish by 3 and make it to the wedding by 4. However, we were once again running late. Very late. 45 minutes late to be exact. Yikes! So we get to work and finish the cupcake display (which turned out beautiful if I do say so myself), then rush off to get ready for the wedding...still 45 minutes late. My mom went straight there so she made it on time. Me, on the other hand, well I had to go home to get the boys first. Thankfully hubs had everyone dressed and ready to go, but we were still running too late to make it on time. We went anyway. Finally, we made it. Keep in mind that it's freezing and we have two babies to bundle up. So we find the closest parking space, consider calling a cab to drive us from our parking space to the building, then walk toward the front doors. The wedding was at a small country club and as soon as we get to the doors, we realize that we can't go in. The wedding is RIGHT there and we'd make a huge scene. We were already drawing attention so we decided to wait in the car. By this point, Little L is awake and ready to eat. Plus, he's soaking wet. I mean SOAKING! In the hustle and bustle, we forgot to change his diaper. Oops! So I had to change him in the car. A disposable would have been fine, but the cloth was very difficult as they are still pretty new to us. Ok, the diaper's on. Time to feed him. That's when I realized that my outfit was NOT breastfeeding friendly. So I'm half dressed, nursing a soaking wet baby (his clothes were still drenched) in a crowded car with a toddler climbing all over and pressing every button he could possibly find. That's about the time we got the text say, "ceremony's over. You can come in now." Yeah! The worst was over! Or so we thought. J waited in the car with me while I finished up, then took T and started making the trek back to the building. It took me a little longer to get out of the car because I had thrown everything out of the diaper bag trying to get to something. I look out the window to see the bride and groom taking pictures outside near by. Then without realizing it, J locked the car with L and me still in it. Did I mention that I left my cell at home? No big deal, I'll just unlock it from the inside. We learned something new about our car that day. In front of tons of people, with the bride and groom near by taking their lovely pictures, we learned that our car has an alarm. Yep, true story!

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