Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoroughly clean Thursday: Catch up!

Apparently I was a little too comfortable with how good the house looked last week, because I have been slacking ever since. My house is once again a complete mess. We have half a fort in the living room (needed the rest of the chairs to eat lunch, so half is put away, lol), clean toddler undies all over the main floor because Sweet T "helped" me put laundry away but only made it up one flight of stairs, and a mountain of laundry. Yuck. Today is hubby's birthday and I want the house to look nice for him. Time to get BUSY! Actually, I've been trying to get a lot done throughout the day. Good thing my sister was here most of the day to help entertain little ones. So far, I have done a load of dishes, I'm working on the third load of laundry, I cleaned my shower and toilet, shoveled the side walk and hubby's parking space, made my bed, and wiped down kitchen counters. Still to do are dirty diapers, the rest of the bathrooms, another load of dishes (well, just put some in the dish washer because there are not enough to run another load), fold and put away laundry, and CLEAR CLUTTER!!! I better hop off of here and get busy. Wish me luck :)

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