Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My purpose :)

It's a new year and I have new goals, so why not start a blog??? I'm determined to become a better mommy, wife, and woman of God. That's my goal for 2011. I need to be more patient with my babies (T, 2 years and L, 4 months), make wise and informed decisions based on what's best for THEM, and learn to discipline (the two year old...) in a loving and effective manner. I only have one shot at raising my kids to be Godly leaders, this whole mommy business is not to be taken lightly! As far as becoming a better wife, well I need to work on my appearance. I'm not 18 anymore and it takes a little more work than it used to. Plus I have two kids worth of extra baby weight on me. I'm sure J would never say anything negative about my looks (he would be in sooo much trouble if he ever did ;)), and maybe this one is partly selfish on my end too, but I'm sure J will appreciate it :) I also want to appreciate the things he does for me more, and be a little nicer to him (poor guy gets the worst of my pp hormones!). For my family, I want to do better at cleaning and cooking. These two things have NEVER been strengths of mine, but I need to learn! Quickly! Picking up after yourself is part of being responsible. How can I teach that to my children if I don't do it myself? Plus it's stressful to live in the middle of a mess and embarrassing when people stop by unexpectedly. Time to clean up and declutter! As for cooking, lol, this could be interesting! I am known to burn things, measure wrong, leave out ingredients, and so forth. But not anymore! 2011 is the year that we start eating at home more! I will learn to cook :) My goal is to try one new recipe a week, and to start eating more sides (veggies, bread, what else do you add to dinner???). All of this while saving money too. How will I learn to save money? I don't know yet. But I'll figure it out. By the end of this year, I will be a little closer to be a Proverbs 31 woman! Oh, what is a Proverbs 31 woman? Here, I'll end this post with a link that describes it better than I could...


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  1. Coupons, baby!!!! You'd be surprised how much you can save...BUT they take a LOT of time and planning. It's frustrating and a little annoying some times but I would guess you could shave a good chunk off your grocery bill each month. That combined with eating out less will save a lot. I've found that I have to make a list each week and follow it very closely or I go crazy at the grocery store. If I plan a menu for the week, write out any ingredients I need and then stick to that list we save a lot.

    You can meet your goals! I'm excited to read along as you take this journey :)...it'll make me a better wife and mom too!