Friday, January 14, 2011

Thoroughly clean Thursday, a little late :)

Yesterday was pretty busy and I just couldn't find time to blog, so today you get two! One for yesterday and one for today. So, cleaning... This week has gone pretty well in the cleaning department, at least compared to the normal week. J and I did "20 minute challenges" every other day and it made a huge difference. It's truly amazing how much two people can get done in a twenty minute period! The thing that surprises me the most, though, is that I actually enjoy it. We are working together as a team, talking and enjoying time together, while seeing a huge improvement in whatever room we're working in. Who would have ever thought that I would ENJOY cleaning??? Sweet T has also continued his new cleaning obsession (He reminds me of J in so many ways!) I think God is using this little guy to help motivate me in my cleaning adventure. The other day I left lunch sitting on the table instead of cleaning it up right away. When Sweet T realized that I hadn't cleaned up, he started telling me, "you need dis (this) in tash (trash)." He was referring to the food that he didn't finish. Then he said, "Pate (plate) goes in sink, mommy." This cleaning obsession could work out for me in a few years when he is capable of doing it for me ;)
Overall, I am very happy with how well we've done this week. My goals for the coming week are to do the "cleaning challenge" at least 5 days and to keep our main living area "company ready." I would also like to teach Sweet T how to make his bed and add that to our morning routine.

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