Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Madness

I am pretty sure Mondays are going to be used to brag about my kids. It's my blog, so I am not going to feel guilty about it either ;) I'm really proud of my two little guys and would love to be one of those moms who always talks about how wonderful her children are, but I don't think those around me would love it as much as I would. So you lucky readers get to hear it!

My precious Little L is almost 5 months old already and is now in my favorite stage so far! It's the stage where babies start to explore and are constantly learning. (For those who do not personally know me, I feel like I should clarify that Little L was born a month early so is ever so slightly behind. No big deal, he'll catch up and we're not worried. But if you're wondering why I'm so excited about a milestone that many babies reach earlier, that's why) My precious baby has just recently discovered his hands. It's the sweetest thing. He watches his hands as he reaches for an object, he's playing with toys now and grabbing anything he can reach. Last week, he kept reaching out and stroking Sweet T's face. He has also started on baby food to help his little tummy (stupid reflux!). He has tried rice cereal and had bananas for the first time this evening. He's just like his big brother and LOVES eating! I guess that's why my little preemie baby is well over 18 lbs at (almost) 5 months.

Sweet T is at a fun age too. Kiddo is full of energy and excitement. I love to hear him play with his daddy. He is also extremely brave. He flies off his bed like he's invincible. I swear the people in the ER will know us by name as Sweet T gets older and tries jumping from taller objects. My Sweet T has such a tender heart and is very compassionate toward others. Lately, if he thinks I'm sad he will come over to me, gently put his little hand on me and ask in the sweetest way possible, "you need me, Mommy?" He can be pretty picky about who he kisses when (ehem, Aunt Stacy...) but as soon as you tell him that person is sad, he goes right over to her and kisses her. He does things and then says, "That make Mommy (or daddy) happy!"

I could go on and on, but I'm tired and so I'm heading to bed now. On an unrelated note, I got everything done on my to do list today with the exception of mopping. J was a huge help, as always. Together, we did laundry (including a load of diapers), dishes, both full bathrooms, made beds, cleaned clutter, wiped counters/tables, vacuumed, and spent time together as a family at the mall play ground. I wish my hubby could stay home with us every day. I kinda like him!

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